Delay in the tariff increase for Chinese goods moving from 10% to 25%.

President Trump has announced a delay in the tariff increase for Chinese goods. Based on Trumps citing progress, he has extended the negotiations with China beyond March 1, with no specific deadline. This means that the tariffs on $200 billions of China’s exports to the US, currently at 10%, scheduled to adjust to 25% on March 2, will remain at 10%.

As a reminder to our members, until CBP has official word from the White House and actually modifies the 9903 tariff numbers involved, ACE will be expecting the rate to be 25% for eligible shipments.  Please make use of the estimated entry date for goods arriving this week to keep receiving the 10% rate.  Please work closely with your software providers.

We will be watching for CSMS message as to when CBP might issue the new 9903 rates for shipments after March 1st.

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